About Us

We were a couple of Midwesterners who met during the 2007 World Series with a bit of luck. At the time, Nicole worked as a government employee who looked to fulfill her civil duties to serve the American people and Steven was just a young engineer just trying to find love.  A chance meeting and a lame introduction would become the beginning of our journey. 

Early on the conversations centered around planning our careers and the need to leave a positive footprint on society by giving back in every way we could.  Little did we know those initial conversations would become the foundation for who we are and what we would become.  As time went on and our careers accelerated, so did our relationship.  Through perseverance and some good fortune, we married in 2011. 

With our stable careers mid-flight, we felt the need to expand our love.  In the spring of 2013, our prayers were answered with the birth of our daughter Savannah.  Within a couple of years, we were blessed to add our son Tyler to the audacious trio, officially making us a quad.  We were the million-dollar family, one girl and one boy. Like everything else to this point, it was just another set of orchestrated pieces to our well thought out plan.  Yep, everything was exactly as it was supposed to be, until it wasn’t.   

This is our UNTYPICAL journey…