We all get bogged down in the day to day, and start to get into the grind.  These are the times it becomes hard to be grateful.  Add a loved one with autism into the mix and sometimes we are just trying to survive. Study after study show that the key to happiness is gratitude – and it can lead to a longer life.

It can mean different things to different people.  Some days it is just being grateful that I made it through the day. Most mornings, I am grateful to finally get the kids to school, and enjoy a silent cup of coffee in my office.

We also try to show our gratitude to all of the support we receive for baby girl.  Most of the time, it is a simple thank you.  About twice a year, it is a tearful close to her Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings. We call our team Team Savannah, and once a year we provide them small tokens of gratitude highlighting the team name.   This seems like a small deal, and it probably is to the team.  To us it is a BIG deal.  We couldn’t face this challenge without them.  The team includes everyone from crossing guards, drop off line attendants, aids, volunteers, teachers, therapists, and babysitters.  The last time we sent out our small tokens of appreciation we made 50 Oreo pops.  The team keeps growing and we are immensely grateful for all they do – big or small. 

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