Grandma Perspective

My husband and I were so excited that we were finally going to be grandparents.  We literally drove through rain, ice, snow, more ice to get to the hospital that was 750 miles away.  It’s midnight and the hospital staff would not allow us to see either our daughter or the baby.  The next morning we hurried to get to the hospital and there she was.  Our daughter looked so beautiful holding our first grand baby.  Tears of joy came rushing out.  

Fast forward 2 1/2 years when we found out that we were going to be grandparents again.  We were overwhelmed with joy and could hardly wait for an additional grand baby.  To this point, Baby girl seemed so perfect to us.  Even though she didn’t speak very much, she was happy and fun loving. Then the day came that Baby boy arrived.  Again, we hurried to get there.  Such an awesome little family coming together.  

At first, Baby girl really didn’t know what to make of the tiny guy.  She didn’t want to touch him or help in anyway.  This seemed odd to us, but figured she would eventually warm up to him.  Around the same time by my daughter and her husband began to worry about Baby girl's development and decided to start analyzing the issues at hand.  On Baby girl's 3rd birthday she had a terrible melt down.  This was cause for concern.  My daughter and son in law began with doctor appointments.  First her pediatrician, then behavioral, and finally genetics.  When we received the news I just began to cry.  I wanted to be with my daughter to be strong for her but my emotions got the best of me.  We began reading about the autism diagnoses. What could this mean.  I remember telling my friend about this and with a tears in my eyes she took my hands and said to me “Savannah is still Savannah.  She is always going to be Savannah and you love her.” Wow a light bulb went on.  She was right.  The only thing that changed was addressing what help she needed.  

Now my daughter’s family is chaotic to say the least.  Baby girl gets about 20 hours of therapy a week which includes horse therapy.  She is happy and fun loving she always was.  And yes, she has grown to love her baby brother.  

We go and help in any way possible but sometimes feel we are just in the way.  We will always continue to help and go at a moments notice to do what we can.  

We love both of our grand babies.  We are proud grandparents of two!

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