• The Time She Got Away

    I thought this was it, the time she actually got away.
  • Vacation = Risk Management Plan

    The first year we went to Orlando, we were not prepared and all hell broke loose. Plan A quickly dissolved and Plan B was non-existent.
  • Picture Perfect

    Getting that perfect picture when all family members are looking into the camera at the exact moment is difficult for every family. 

    Typical vs Untypical.  I struggle to name the type of family we are; I guess we are an autism family.  A politically correct way to talk about kids without/with autism is neuro typical vs atypical or in our case untypical.  
  • Trust your gut, and don't give up!

    I learned a long time ago, it does not pay to fight back in the heat of the moment.  Also, the messenger usually has no power to change the situation. Trusting my gut, I contacted the local advocacy group. (See the resources page to find your local advocacy group).  They provided me with an initial consultation and advice for free.  
  • Grandma Perspective

    Fast forward 2 1/2 years when we found out that we were going to be grandparents again.  We were overwhelmed with joy and could hardly wait for an additional grand baby.  To this point, Baby girl seemed so perfect to us.  Even though she didn’t speak very much, she was happy and fun loving. Then the day came that Baby boy arrived.  Again, we hurried to get there.  Such an awesome little family coming together.  
  • Gratitude

    We all get bogged down in the day to day, and start to get into the grind.  These are the times it becomes hard to be grateful.  Add a loved one wi...